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Amy DalyAmy Daly

   Amy Daly is probably the most ladylike tranny that’s currently in the biz – shooting her stuff in sun-drenched LA and distributing it over the Internet all throughout the world. This cutie is really young (she’s only 20), really hot, really bootylicious and all that stuff but… She’s also rather big-dicked, which is something you will hardly be able to leave unnoticed. She’s like your regular skater girl-next-door that turns out to have a meaty cock hiding underneath her short skirts and cotton panties. Oh yeah, she uses that cock right too, by the way.

   Being a real translesbian, Amy Daly hooks it up with other shemales mostly – and looks totally awesome doing it, it should be said. Watching her fuck asses and grind on big cocks is always a pleasure. Besides, there are also some shoots showing her getting it on with guys and, of course, modeling solo, all on her own. Every scene that Amy Daly supplies to her watchers is so motherfuckin’ personal and special you will just come drooling all over it.

   By the way, if you want an even more personal experience with Amy, you can always schedule a live webcam chat with her. This will cost you some additional cash but… I’d say it is worth it – Amy will be there just for you, pulling all your favorite sex stunts to satisfy you. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

   Every little thing that Amy Daly supplies to you sports totally blameless quality – the aftermath of this site being backed up by the legendary Grooby, I guess. One way or another, it’s just awesome!

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