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Kim’s Anal HeavenKim’s Anal Heaven

   At Kim’s Anal Heaven you get to see a sexy tgirl penetrating her asshole with all sorts of toys and fists. She doesn’t do hardcore content but she absolutely loves to have her asshole stuffed to the brim with anything she can fit in there. Be warned that the site is extreme. If you’re not into seeing a rectal prolapsed (where the rectum actually comes out) you will want to be very careful about joining because that actually happens a few times. If you push your asshole beyond the limits it was intended to reach then things like rectal prolapsed are bound to happen.

   For some of you seeing her rectum basically slide out of her ass will be a major turn on. Those guys should absolutely join the site and prepare to have a wild and wonderful time with this dirty, dirty tranny. She knows she’s a bit freaky and she doesn’t mind you giving her a visit to check it out. She wears heavy makeup and has sexy blonde hair along with a thin and tight body and no tits. She’s all natural and when she’s nude she looks feminine thanks to shaved legs and soft skin on her luscious body.

   Outside of the extreme butt fucking Kim’s Anal Heaven is worth a visit because of all the different outfits she wears. She’s an exceptionally sexy chick with a lean body and a beautiful pair of legs that she can’t help but model for us. I love seeing those legs in luscious stockings and the rest of her hot body in slutty lingerie. It’s also worth noting that you will occasionally see her asshole fisted hard and deep. How’s that for wild stuff. The tgirl spreads those legs and you see her anus opened up hard and deep by the hand of the man that’s with her. It will make some of you uncomfortable and some of you sport major wood.

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