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Delia CDDelia CD

   Delia CD is an erotic crossdressing site where a beautiful boy dresses as a girl and completely confounds all your expectations of how feminine a guy can look. CD porn is different from shemale porn because this isn’t someone trying to be a woman. He’s a guy that likes to dress as a girl and uses makeup and sometimes wigs to further that. He states that he’s always has something of a fetish for feminine clothing and he never feels sexier than when he’s all dolled up for the camera. As soon as you lay eyes upon the beautiful boy you’ll certainly agree that he looks totally sexy.

   This is a tease site where he dresses in girl’s clothes and does his best to get you aroused. None of it would work if he wasn’t so sleight and feminine to start but he’s an absolute dream for a crossdressing site. His body is incredibly slim and sexy with a slim waist, a hot little ass and long legs that he keeps shaved so they can be as sexy as possible. Well, he’s doing a damn fine job at it. He has a huge collection of clothing to put on too with most of it being beautiful lingerie. My favorite set shows him in a sheer pink baby doll and tan stockings posing for the camera and stroking his cock.

   You’ll have to be prepared to see a lot of cock if you’re going to be a member at Delia CD (not that such a thing should be a problem). Delia likes to whip out his cock when he gets in front of the camera because he feels so aroused. He loves knowing that people are looking at him dressed up as a woman and they’re wishing they could fuck him hard. If you can handle having those feelings and wanting to screw this cutie then you’re going to love the site. He does all pictures and they look fantastic as he jerks his meat and gets ready to shoot a hot load.

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