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CD FunCD Fun

   CD Fun stands for Crossdresser Fun and on the site you get to see guys dress as girls and in some cases convincingly so. It’s a little different than most destinations in the CD genre because you actually get to see the guys making the transformation in most cases. They bring out their makeup kit and their clothing and right in front of your eyes they’re feminized. The male models are a mixture of totally unconvincing and buff guys with body hair and sexy twinks that could actually pass as women or get pretty close. There are dudes in the middle too but most of them fall on the extremes to be honest.

   It’s not just a site about guys getting dressed up as women though. Once they’re all dolled up they need to do something; they don’t dress just to be dressed. They do it because it turns them on like nothing else they’ve ever experienced and they want to get off. In the solo scenes the guys put on their clothes or lingerie and start masturbating almost immediately. They feel feminine and they love it. There are hardcore scenes too and there’s nothing quite as arousing as watching a crossdresser open his mouth and start gobbling cock lustily because that’s what a woman would do.

   Once the dick is hard thanks to the crossdresser blowjob the cutie is ready to get fucked. He wants it in the ass so he bends over to be taken. Just like a real girl he gets pounded and it looks hot. CD Fun has been around for a while and they’ve been updating consistently so the side is loaded with content for those that appreciate crossdressing porn. The videos are high quality and the picture galleries are beautiful. The folks behind the site love crossdressing and they only hire models that love it too so you get the most authentic experience possible. That’s commitment to detail.


15 Photos


15 Photos

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  1. I love this site! it turning me on, when i see all process. But, guys, please, make more videos with stockings! I love black stockings and red stockings, because cant see some hair on my legs, if you looking throu red or black nylon. ;-)

    Comment by StockingLover — 29 September 2009

  2. Sometimes i feels like i want to do it too. But i am very shy to go buy stockings heels and sexy dress.

    Comment by Mathew — 7 December 2009

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