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Nicole DupreNicole Dupre

   Strap in for the ride of your life at the sensual carnival of sin and erotic circus of pleasure that is Nicole-Dupre.com. The Tattooed Sicilian Transsexual is a one of a kind beauty and a free spirit. Her sexual appetite is vast and she shares all of her adventures on her website for all of her members to enjoy.

   Her ink work is exquisite and her body is to die for. She has beautiful sleeves and vest of colorful tats that would make anyone stop and stare. Her eyes are captivating and her mouth looks wonderful wrapped around a thick dick. This transsexual hottie will give you all that she is and she doesn’t hold back.

   Nicole Dupre makes sure that her members are exposed to every part of her life. She gets together with her friends and lovers and even includes guest stars like Tara Emory. Nicole Dupre is a smoker, so if you are into this favorite fetish of many, then you’ve found your playground. read more…

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