We offer you in-depth information about all the best shemale sites from around the world. If you are seeking black shemales, latina shemales, hardcore tranny bitches or amazing solo t-girls we have you covered. We love shemales so much that we created this site that lists the very best of the best shemale, tranny, and solo t-girl sites from around the internet.

Krissy TgirlKrissy Tgirl

   Krissy Tgirl is home to a beautiful Asian shemale and all her sexual adventures. She runs the site herself and as a result it’s a little rough around the edges but she makes some tremendously hot amateur shemale porn content and that’s all that really matters. She makes it perfectly clear that she’s a naughty tgirl from the start and that she wants nothing more than to get cocked deep and hard. The site is perfect for guys that want to be fucking a girl like her and guys that want to be a girl like here (I know there are some of you out there). read more…

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Zoe Fuck PuppetZoe Fuck Puppet

   Zoe Fuck Puppet calls herself “the hottest TV tgirl shemale slut on the internet” and after you’ve spent a little time browsing through her content you’ll be convinced that she’s not messing around when she makes that claim. She has more than 100 full length videos inside and she does a little bit of everything when it comes to making tgirl porn. The older movies don’t look good enough because they’re too low resolution but the newer clips play at 640×480 and are acceptable. The picture sets have been high quality enough all along and the one thing that makes it all worthwhile is seeing Zoe on camera. read more…

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Karen TV SlutKaren TV Slut

   Karen TV Slut is home to some seriously naughty videos and picture galleries and it offers fans of tgirl porn that are looking for something a little different a chance to explore what a single babe can bring to the shemale genre. Karen is a dark haired tgirl that looks to be in her mid 30s. She has a slim body with a nice ass, a beautiful cock and she favors wearing lingerie whenever she gets the chance. The site is a collection of hardcore and masturbation scenes where at least two people are participating at all times. read more…

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Kim’s Anal HeavenKim’s Anal Heaven

   At Kim’s Anal Heaven you get to see a sexy tgirl penetrating her asshole with all sorts of toys and fists. She doesn’t do hardcore content but she absolutely loves to have her asshole stuffed to the brim with anything she can fit in there. Be warned that the site is extreme. If you’re not into seeing a rectal prolapsed (where the rectum actually comes out) you will want to be very careful about joining because that actually happens a few times. If you push your asshole beyond the limits it was intended to reach then things like rectal prolapsed are bound to happen. read more…

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Delia CDDelia CD

   Delia CD is an erotic crossdressing site where a beautiful boy dresses as a girl and completely confounds all your expectations of how feminine a guy can look. CD porn is different from shemale porn because this isn’t someone trying to be a woman. He’s a guy that likes to dress as a girl and uses makeup and sometimes wigs to further that. He states that he’s always has something of a fetish for feminine clothing and he never feels sexier than when he’s all dolled up for the camera. As soon as you lay eyes upon the beautiful boy you’ll certainly agree that he looks totally sexy. read more…

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CD FunCD Fun

   CD Fun stands for Crossdresser Fun and on the site you get to see guys dress as girls and in some cases convincingly so. It’s a little different than most destinations in the CD genre because you actually get to see the guys making the transformation in most cases. They bring out their makeup kit and their clothing and right in front of your eyes they’re feminized. The male models are a mixture of totally unconvincing and buff guys with body hair and sexy twinks that could actually pass as women or get pretty close. There are dudes in the middle too but most of them fall on the extremes to be honest. read more…

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